Tree Removal in Bryan, TX

Top Point Tree services homeowners in Bryan, College Station, and beyond, offering full tree removal services, tree cutting and pruning, and more.

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Texas summer heat can take a toll on your trees, and that’s something we really care about. When Bryan, TX, homeowners need a professional tree care specialist, Top Point Tree is here to help. Our specialists can prune, trim, and shape your trees to nurture their overall health and beauty. If removal is the best option, our tree removal team will safely and efficiently clear away the tree and debris from your yard. We proudly serve homeowners in Bryan, TX, and the area surrounding College Station in Central Texas. CTA: Book Today
“Top Point Tree is amazing! We had Colby bid a tree removal, tree trimming and an effort to save an ill tree. The area was hit by a strong storm before he could get to our job. He fit us into his busy schedule anyway. Top Point is a true Arborist, there are very few in this area. He is able to check for, diagnose and treat diseased trees. He has a very competent crew. They left our yard in great shape and cleaned up things they were not even responsible for. We highly recommend them.”

– John Colvin

Safe and Professional Tree Services

  • Tree Removal Services: Our ISA Certified Arborists and tree specialists will do everything they can to preserve your trees and landscape. When this isn’t possible, they’ll safely and efficiently remove the tree and debris from your property.
  • Tree Cutting and Pruning Services: We reshape and cut trees to improve their aesthetics and the overall appearance of your land. Pruning helps protect against pests and diseases, and when done on a regular schedule, it increases the lifespan of your trees.
  • Shrub Maintenance Services: Don’t forget about your shrubs and other foliage on your property. Regular maintenance of trees and shrubs keeps your property value high and can even increase it over time.
  • Root Collar Excavation: Girdled roots are extremely common and can cause severe complications for your trees. Our tree service specialists know exactly how to help and will take the time to discuss all of your options with you.
  • Deep Root Fertilization: Nutrient-deficient soil is especially common in Bryan, TX. Deep root fertilization puts nutrients back into the soil where trees can use them. Investing in your trees today not only brings health and beauty to your property but also increases your land’s value over time and helps you avoid tree removal.
  • Firewood: Whether for your cozy winter fireplace or your fire-pit smores in the summer, we have you covered. We take the salvageable wood from our removals and don’t let anything go to waste. We’ll deliver your wood to you, or you can pick it up.
  • Trunk Injections: Trunk injections are helpful for trees that have suffered from any infection or disease but don’t need to be removed. Trust Top Point Tree’s certified arborists to take care of your tree! We prioritize the health and beauty of your landscape.
  • Infection and Disease Mitigation: The climate in Bryan, TX, can present challenges to trees in the area. A tree can give us many signs that it’s feeling under the weather. You can rely on us to identify those symptoms and be your plant health care specialist.
“I was very impressed with the service of Top Point Tree. Both my husband and I appreciated Colby's professional advice on how to treat our ailing trees with trunk injection and deep root fertilization. Also, we were very pleased with the pruning work: it was thorough and accurate. We will definitely recommend Top Point Tree.”
– Sandra da Conturbia

Why Choose Our Tree Removal Services?

Tree Services from Knowledgeable Professionals

Top Point Tree cares about trees and wants to preserve your trees when possible. When tree removal is the only option, our knowledgeable professionals will responsibly remove and dispose of the tree for you and prevent damage to your home.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee an excellent experience and will leave your property spotless when we leave. With each project, we keep your input in mind! Check out what your central Texas neighbors are saying about our tree care services!

Fair Pricing with Best Overall Value in Bryan, TX

We have a dedicated tree cutting and pruning service tech on our team, which ensures we can offer you the best, professional tree care services and a quality experience. Request a free estimate to compare our pricing.

“Colby was very professional and did a thorough assessment giving me a prompt and reasonable estimate. He knows more about trees than anyone. His crew removed 2 large trees a few days later. One large tree was located right next to my house and hung over the roof. They were great and respected my lawn, landscaping and narrow driveway. Their fantastic reviews are totally justified”
-​​Paul Cardwell
Do you have a tree that’s currently touching a power line or downed wires near your irrigation? Never go near or touch a power line. Contact the professional tree service providers at Top Point Tree to professionally and safely remove your tree.

Safe and Professional Tree Services

After you call Top Point Tree at 979-773-3242, we’ll schedule a time to visit your home. Our team, which includes our on-site arborist and tree technicians, will assess your needs, recommend a treatment plan or removal, and get the tree removal or treatment job done right. Depending on your budget or long-term tree shaping needs, we may recommend different treatment plans.

More About Our Tree Removal Professionals in Bryan, Texas

  • Dedicated International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborists
  • Committed to following OSHA standards and guidelines when removing trees
  • Honest, caring, and trustworthy
  • Focused on delivering quality care and tree removal services for your property
  • Trusted to remove debris and foliage from your property