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At Top Point Tree, we care about the health, beauty, and preservation of your trees! We are the go-to plant health care specialists throughout Brazos County, TX.

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Plant health care is an essential service for Brazos County homeowners and business owners. Having an expert’s knowledge will help keep your plants healthy and maintain the value of your property. Ensure your trees are well taken care of by scheduling a free estimate with our ISA Certified Arborists. They will work with you and create a customized treatment plan to keep your trees in top-point shape. Our goal is to maximize the health of your trees and ensure our clients are satisfied with their landscapes.

We Are Certified Arborists

Colby Lee, one of the owners and operators of Top Point Tree, is an ISA Certified Arborist who’s dedicated to providing central Texans with quality plant health care service. Since founding Top Point Tree in 2016, Colby and Pamela Lee have dedicated themselves to providing the expertise, equipment, and experience that clients need to survive in the challenging Texas climate. Top Point Tree thrives on caring for the trees and plants around your home or business to protect your investment. 

Plant Health Care Services

Work with Top Point Tree for plant health care, disease prevention, and cost-effective treatments to keep your trees healthy and growing. We follow environmentally safe practices when providing any treatment.

Plant Health Care Treatment Options

Arborist Consultations

We customize plant health care plans to maximize the health of your landscape. Schedule a time with our ISA-certified arborists to get a full scope of the services we can provide for your trees!

Deep Root Fertilization

Help your trees survive and grow in College Station with a concentrated application of nutrient-rich solutions. Deep root fertilization is the most efficient way to strengthen your tree.

Root Collar Excavation

Buried root collars and girdled roots can take a toll on a tree’s overall health. Our certified arborists can diagnose the problem and help correct bad habit from stunting growth.

Tree Preservation

We help new lot owners preserve trees on their property. Whether you’re undergoing construction or are simply acquiring the property, contact our arborists to protect your trees.


Soil deficiencies, irrigation issues, and accidents keep our trees under stress and make them susceptible to disease and infection. Top Point Tree’s certified arborists can help diagnose problems your trees are experiencing and treat them.

Trunk Injections

Trunk injections are amazing booster shots of nutrients to target a tree’s exact needs. Our ISA Certified arborists will create a perfect mix of nutrients that will get your trees healthier and looking better than ever!


No matter where you are, our professionals will go above and beyond when finding you the right plant healthcare specialist to best service your landscape. We apply our expertise to diagnose the issue and provide long-lasting solutions to extend the life of your plants. From deep root fertilization to tree root removal services, our certified arborists help both commercial and residential customers in the following areas:


Nicole Holmes
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"Top Point Tree did a stellar job with our large tree removal near the house. The owner was very knowledgeable and thorough during the initial consultation. Crew was professional and timely. A spot was overlooked during the stump grinding, the owner came out right away and made sure it was taken care of. I would hire them again, but that was our last tree!"
JL Jackson
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"I highly recommend Top Point Tree. They are bonded and insured. I got several quotes. They were the cheapest by far of those bonded. They did a great job. They also grind down the stumps for a reasonable addition fee."
Cheryl Cato
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"Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value I needed some extremely large limbs removed from a declining water oak near my house. Ennio and Victor were rock stars! They were courteous and professional. Ennio was very knowledgeable, and explained the options to me to do what was best for the tree and for me. They were respectful of my property - and even cleaned up after themselves! I'll definitely be calling on them again!"
Jennifer Killian
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"During my consult, Colby, the owner, walked me through and gave a thorough explanation of what needed to be done to our trees -- and why. Kody then came out to prune them. Our trees went from scraggly and a bit unsightly to the best looking in the neighborhood. Kody did a terrific job in a relatively short amount of time. We'll definitely use Top Point Trees again and highly recommend their services. These guys love trees!"
John Roberts
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"I found Top Point tree service to be very professional, informational and helpful. Colby was very knowledge and informed me what was wrong with my pine tree and what needed to be done. He also took the time to treat two other trees and gave me advice on another one that I did not mention in the initial call. I also found his prices to be very fair. I would highly recommend Top Point Tree."
Jimmy Kanetzky
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"I just had the best experience I could have expected with Colby Lee at Top Point Tree. I have a live oak tree that is struggling to thrive, and I wanted someone to recommend a treatment. I was able to get an appointment quickly, and when Colby arrived, he was very friendly and easy to talk to. Colby an ISA Certified Arborist quickly identified some possible common issues and offered several recommendations that Top Point Tree performs. He also recommended some DIY solutions that greatly improve the chances of tree survival. Top Point Tree charges a reasonable rate for their services and given Colby’s qualifications along with the DIY solutions he offered I feel I got the better side of the deal. If you need a good tree specialist, I highly recommend Top Point Tree."
Bobby Jarrett
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Great service and reasonable prices for tree trimming and tree removal. Has a large inventory of firewood for your heating and cooking needs. Can custom cut and deliver oak, mesquite, and pecan, both seasoned and fresh cut. Call anytime for prices and availability.

Call (979) 773-3242 for an Arborist’s opinion today!

FAQs & Common Tree Problems

An arborist is a tree expert specializing in maintaining tree and landscape health to ensure a community’s ecosystems remain healthy. A certified arborist has undergone years of education, training, and testing to adhere to the ISA code of ethics. A Certified Arborist must renew their certification every 3 years by accumulating at least 30 continuing education units (CEUs). Arborists are essential advisors for people who have properties with trees—whether those trees are old, young, healthy, or diseased. Arborists can tend to trees properly to maintain their health, diagnose problems, and develop the right care plan. They also take care of trees after storms or emergencies. Whether you are a homeowner or a commercial business with trees in your landscape, consulting with a certified arborist is an essential investment in your property. Book a consultation with our experts

Trees can get sick too. When this happens, we have to look for the symptoms. These are some signs that your tree could need intensive care:

  • Leaves browning in the off seasons or getting bare patches with no regrowth
  • Abnormal leaf color, shape, or size
  • Changes in bark—like rotting, overgrowth patches, or odd color
  • Visible insect infestations

Make sure to check for structural issues as well, such as these:

  • Trunk swelling
  • Root girdling
  • Deep cracks in the trunk
  • Holes or cavities in the limbs or bark

These issues can cause further damage if left untreated. Schedule a consultation with a Top Point Tree certified arborist if your tree has symptoms!

Deep root fertilization is vital in helping trees that are in decline or have stopped growing prematurely. In Central Texas, deep root fertilization is necessary to produce nutrients that allow your trees to grow. This process enriches the soil depleted by construction and removal of biodiversity with the necessary nutrients needed for root growth.

Deep root fertilization is crucial in preventative care for small, large, young, and older trees. It’s best to deep root fertilize trees after their first growing season 2–3 times a year until maturity. Then, the recommendation for mature trees is to repeat the process once every 2–3 years. Learn more about Top Point Tree’s deep root fertilization service!


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