Deep Root Fertilization Near College Station & Central Texas

Deep Root Fertilization Near College Station & Central Texas

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The soil in urban areas of Brazos County, Texas, is severely lacking in the nutrients that trees and plants need to grow. Deep root fertilization puts vital nutrients such as nitrogen, iron, and potassium back into your home’s soil so plants can use them. Whether your trees have been damaged from fungus or root rot or they need a boost, work with Top Point Tree for deep root fertilization to restore the health of your trees.
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Benefits of Deep Root Fertilization

Deep root fertilization is a very precise way to apply fertilizer and improve the health of all trees. Investing in your trees today brings health and beauty to your property and increases its value over time.

The Deep Root Fertilization Process

The soil in and around College Station is high in clay and sodium—not the optimal growing conditions for most trees. Deep root fertilization helps trees survive these conditions by feeding them what they need to grow healthy and strong. Our process is to inject kelp, mycorrhizae, and a vitamin solution into the ground to support your trees.
A tree’s critical roots are found around the edge of the canopy, along its drip line. A visualization of how to find a tree’s drip line is shown here on the left :
deep root fertilization Bryan tx
Tree roots only go about 3–6 feet down into the ground and spread out laterally almost 2–3 times the width of the tree’s canopy. A visualization of a tree’s root system is shown below.
deep root fertilization
Our certified arborists use this information to apply our deep root fertilization treatment where it’s needed most. If you have any further questions about deep root fertilization, call (979) 773-3242 to contact one of our team members, who will be happy to help you!

Why Work With Top Point Tree?

Top Point Tree loves trees and will help you keep your property and foliage healthy and looking great through deep root fertilization. We serve homeowners near Bryan,and Wilcox, in addition to areas within a 25-mile radius of College Station in Central Texas. Our certified arborists and tree care specialists will take care of your property as if it were their own.

Licensed & Insured for Your Safety First

We give great advice and provide professional tree services for homeowners in Brazos County. With our licensed and insured arborists, we help Central Texans prolong the life of their foliage. Our priority is to minimize damage to your home.

Deep Root Fertilization from Skilled Professionals

Top Point Tree is passionate about tree preservation and making your yard look healthy and full. Our Central Texas soil can be hard on trees, but we know exactly what your trees need to thrive.

Free Estimates

We believe in our successes and our ability to maintain your trees and their health. We offer you the best, professional tree care services and a quality experience. Request a free estimate to compare our pricing for deep root fertilization.

Take a look at past professional deep root fertilization work we’ve completed in Brazos County.

deep root fertilization Bryan tx
deep root fertilization

More About Our Professional Arborists in Central Texas

  • Dedicated International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)-Certified Arborists
  • Committed to following OSHA standards and guidelines
  • Honest, caring, and trustworthy
  • Focused on delivering quality care and services for your property
  • Trusted to remove debris and foliage from your property

What Your Neighbors Say

Pat S
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“Colby visited with me after looking at our trees that had begun to look very bad. He recommended several things we should do to improve the appearance & extend the life of our trees including deep root fertilization & root collar excavation. We just completed that yesterday and are expecting the trees to make a wonderful recovery! His crew did a great job!.”
Sandra D
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“I was very impressed with the service of Top Point Tree. Both my husband and I appreciated Colby's professional advice on how to treat our ailing trees with trunk injection and deep root fertilization. Also, we were very pleased with the pruning work: it was thorough and accurate. We will definitely recommend Top Point Tree.”