Tree Planting

Tree Planting

At Top Point Tree, leave the hard work to us when it comes to planting new trees. Many factors play into the success of newly planted trees. Our certified Arborists are happy to meet with you to create a planting schedule and plan for your new trees. 

First, you want to typically plant new trees during the dormant season. This occurs after leaf drop in the fall and before buds appear in the spring. Talk with us about the specific type of tree you are interested in planting, they may tolerate a different planting schedule. 

Location is key. Different trees grow different types of roots. This is important to note when planting new trees among existing trees. You also want to be mindful of nearby underground utilities. Our ISA certified arborists can assist you in choosing a perfect spot for your new tree that elevates your landscape and is safe for the life of the tree.

We have the latest equipment that can get the job done correctly and efficiently. We have experience planting all types of trees and sizes. 

You will want to mulch and prune your tree annually to maintain good tree health. If you notice your tree’s health declining, Top Point Tree specializes in tree injections and other tree doctoring services that can prolong the life of your tree. 

We are available to help plant new trees on a treeless property, new construction, and happy to assist in replacing a tree that died or adding a new tree to your landscape. Whatever your tree needs may be, we would be honored to gain your business and trust with such an important investment. 


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