Root Collar Excavation

Root Collar Excavation

Root collar excavations are necessary for trees. Girdled roots are extremely common, yet they can go unnoticed for decades until it’s too late to save the tree.

Common causes for girdled roots include the following: 

  • Trees that had been planted improperly 
  • Trees that are over mulched and show no root flare 
  • Trees planted in confined spaces that have no room for the roots to grow 
  • Human damage to the tree

Root collar excavations can save a tree in need and ultimately eliminate a list of expensive complications that could arise if left untreated.

Untreated girdle roots can cause severe complications for a tree:

  • The tree will slowly lose access to nutrients 
  • The tree’s canopy will thin 
  • The leaves of the tree will turn to autumn color early 
  • The tree will weaken and be susceptible to falling 

Root Collar excavation can mitigate any damages a tree has already received and prevent further harm to the tree. At a minimum, the tree will have more access to nutrients, and the canopy will regain a healthy appearance. 

Why should you choose us to help ? Here are a few important reasons:

  • Our team is trained by ISA certified Arborists 
  • Our team cares about your trees and listens to your needs 
  • We are experienced, knowledgeable professionals 
  • We are plant healthcare specialists.
  • We ensure satisfaction for all our customers near Brazos County, TX!

Occasionally, some trees that have already suffered decades of starvation are at very high risk of falling. Complete tree removal is considered the best treatment possible on those few occasions. After you book a consultation, our certified arborist will visit your property, assess the area, and determine the best and most affordable treatment plan for your trees.

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Below is a series of photos of root collar excavations we have performed, a diagram of a tree’s root system, and a tree that has fallen over due to its extremely damaged roots. Learn more about root collar excavation on our blog. Top Point Tree is here to solve the issue and prevent it from happening to you!


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