Infection AND DIsease Mitigation

Infection AND disease mitigation

The environment in central Texas can present challenges to trees in the area. From soil deficiencies and irrigation issues to improper planting techniques and injuries from  lawn mower blades, our trees are constantly under stress and susceptible to disease and infection. A tree can give us many signs of feeling under the weather. You can rely on Top Point Tree to identify those symptoms and be your plant healthcare specialist.

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Here are some signs of tree rot or disease:

  • Dead sections of the trunks or branches
  • Cavities forming beneath the bark
  • Root Damage
  • Change in bark or trunk texture (softening or crumbling)
  • Change in leaf color throughout the canopy
  • Oozing areas on the tree

Infections and diseases are common problems in urban and suburban areas like the areas we service in Brazos County, TX!

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Although we believe prevention is the key to tree infections, we also understand that problems can happen! We have various treatment options or removal services available. During a consultation, our certified arborist will assess your trees with you and give you the best advice possible.

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If you believe a tree may have an infection or disease, please call (979) 773-3242 to set up an arborist consultation. Submit photos of the tree(s) in question to our estimate request form:

Customer Reviews

Nicole Holmes
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"Top Point Tree did a stellar job with our large tree removal near the house. The owner was very knowledgeable and thorough during the initial consultation. Crew was professional and timely. A spot was overlooked during the stump grinding, the owner came out right away and made sure it was taken care of. I would hire them again, but that was our last tree!"
JL Jackson
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"I highly recommend Top Point Tree. They are bonded and insured. I got several quotes. They were the cheapest by far of those bonded. They did a great job. They also grind down the stumps for a reasonable addition fee."
Cheryl Cato
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“I needed some extremely large limbs removed from a declining water oak near my house. Ennio and Victor were rock stars! They were courteous and professional.”
Jennifer Killian
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"During my consult, Coty, the owner, walked me through and gave a thorough explanation of what needed to be done to our trees -- and why. Kody then came out to prune them. Our trees went from scraggly and a bit unsightly to the best looking in the neighborhood. Kody did a terrific job in a relatively short amount of time. We'll definitely use Top Point Trees again and highly recommend their services. These guys love trees!"
Casey S.
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“If you want professionals that know trees, bring a hardworking & personable crew - make the call to Top Point! We had them work a full day for us clearing dead trees and lots of underbrush, as well as careful pruning around our house roof line.”

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