Tree Preservation

Tree Preservation

At Top Point Tree, we are committed to helping our customers with all tree needs. This includes preserving current trees on residential and commercial properties. If you’re worried about construction on a property negatively affecting currently planted trees, we can help. Before construction begins, call us to come survey the property and trees in question. Our certified arborists will be happy to give you a free quote on what steps need to be done to preserve your current trees.  

During pre-construction, our certified arborists will assess the health of all current trees. They can create a custom plan that may include, using barriers, fencing, pruning, routing construction vehicles and foot traffic, compacting soil, and adding mulch for extra protection. Our certified arborists are also able to incorporate new trees into your design plan for the construction project. They are experts at using what’s currently available and integrating additional trees that will enhance the beauty of your home or business. 

Are you worried about newer trees that are just a few years old and still growing? In addition to our custom plan, we can check out your new tree’s root system and make sure it’s receiving adequate water and establishing healthy roots. We are happy to inspect the tree for signs of pests, and pruning needs. 

We are passionate about tree preservation and would be honored to earn your trust and business with your next big project.


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