Root Collar Excavation

Can you see your tree’s root collar? If you can’t, the tree could be in serious trouble.

A tree’s root collar, also known as a root crown or root neck, is located at the base of the trunk where the roots of the tree begin to flare away. Many people don’t realize it, but the root collar plays a critical role in the health of a tree.

A Healthy Tree Doesn’t Look Like a Telephone Pole

The root collar is meant to be above ground, exposed to the air, outdoor temperature, and humidity. Improper planting, such as when a tree is planted too deep or its base is covered in too much mulch or soil, is bad for the root collar. The stress caused by root collar problems, including reduced growth rates, undersized leaves, yellowing leaves, and rot, can greatly affect the health and lifespan of a tree.

If your tree looks like a telephone pole without the normal flaring of the root collar at the base, it could be in trouble. Time to call Top Point Tree!

Central Texas Root Collar Excavation Service

The licensed, certified arborists at Top Point Tree are here to help. We provide safe and effective root collar excavation (RCE) services for customers throughout Central Texas. 

Root collar excavation has to be done carefully to avoid damaging the tree. Instead of shovels and other sharp excavation tools, Top Point Tree’s RCE procedure employs a high-pressure air spade tool that uses compressed air to efficiently remove excess soil and debris from the root collar without damaging it. 

Few tree specialists match Top Point Tree when it comes to experience, price, and service.  We know how important the health of your trees, shrubs, and other plant life is to the look and value of your property. Find out for yourself why Top Point Tree is number one with Central Texas home and business owners. 

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