Lightning Protection

If you live in Texas, you know that the weather can get crazy.  While people and animals can take shelter when bad weather threatens, our poor trees are stuck in place to bear the full force of Texas storms. This can include rain, sleet, snow, wind, and lightning.  

Any outside tree is in danger of being struck by lightning. Tall trees, trees on hilltops, trees in open areas or on the edge of a clearing, and trees located near buildings are especially at risk of lightning strikes. The types of Central Texas trees most often struck by lightning include oak, pine, cottonwood, ash, maple, and sycamore.

Trees Need Protection from Lightning

A lightning strike can be as lethal to a tree as it is to a human being. Many trees struck by lightning are killed instantly. In some cases, the lightning strike can set the tree on fire, which can spread to nearby homes and buildings.

Trees that do survive often suffer extensive damage, which makes them susceptible to disease and insect infestation. Side flashes can strike any conductive materials near the tree, such as a metal storm drain, creating a serious fire hazard.

Top Point Tree Lightning Protection Service

Because of the region’s unpredictable and sometimes extreme weather, protection from lightning is a wise investment. Top Point Tree’s lightning protection service can significantly reduce the risk of danger and damage from lightning strikes.  

Our lightning protection service utilizes a system of copper cables that run from near the top of the tree’s major trunks all the way to copper grounding rods placed just beyond the tree’s drip line.  The copper cables act as lightning rods, providing a safe, low resistance path for the electric current to reach the ground and dissipate without causing any damage to the tree or surrounding structures.

Contact Top Point Tree online or call us at (979) 773-3242 to have one of our licensed arborists come by and assess the risk your trees face from potential lightning strikes. In addition to lightning protecting, we also provide several other services to protect your trees from the Texas weather, including storm bracing and storm restoration.