Deep Root Fertilization

Trees need the proper balance of sunshine, water, and nutrients from the soil to stay healthy. For trees in high-traffic environments, getting enough sun and water isn’t the problem. It’s getting the proper level of nutrients like nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, and potassium from the soil to ensure healthy growth. In natural settings, trees get these nutrients from the decaying matter in leaves and other debris that cover the ground. However, in urban areas and other places where the ground is kept clear of leaf litter and grass clippings, it’s important to make sure trees are supplied with the nutrients they need. Deep root fertilization (DRF) can do just that. Central Texas Deep Root Fertilization  At Top Point Tree, our team of certified, licensed arborists delivers expert DRF services to clients throughout Central Texas.  Deep root fertilization can:
  • Improve the overall health of your trees
  • Make trees more resistant to disease
  • Make trees more tolerant to drought 
  • Help trees re-establish themselves after transplantation
  • Improve a tree’s ability to derive water and nutrients from the soil
Our deep root fertilization process uses a high-pressure hose to inject slow-release fertilizers and organic material into the soil around a tree’s roots. DRF does more than just provide your trees with the nutrients they need. It also helps aerate the soil and promote the growth of mycorrhizae and other helpful microorganisms that assist the tree in absorbing nutrients, much like the probiotic bacteria living in your stomach. Proper fertilization is very important to maintaining the health of your trees, especially in drought-prone areas like Central Texas. DRF is much more effective at providing the nutrients your trees need than spreading ground pellets or burying fertilizer spikes.  A yearly treatment is all it takes for your trees to get the nutrients they require for healthy growth.  Top Point Tree specializes in providing the kind of TLC your trees need to keep them green and growing strong. Contact us online or call us at (979) 773-3242 to find out how our deep root fertilization, root collar extraction, and other plant health care services can help you maintain your trees’ health and value.